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Primary School Multi-Sports and Football Provision

A-Star Coaching offer a wide range of services to primary schools and are currently working in Manchester offering lunchtime time multi-sports provision, after school clubs, after school football team training and PPA cover / PE lessons in curriculum time.

A-Star coaching are in the process of re-developing the Manchester primary schools football League to aid the development of grass roots football in Manchester. Supporting the grass roots football initiative in England.


Lunchtime Multi-Sports

Rick Bell was one of the very first sports coaches in Stockport to launch lunchtime sports provision with a playground developed in a series of multi-sports work stations. If your school is having problems and issues at lunchtime and the children are bored and frustrated with what they are doing or have been doing for many years then A-Star Coaching have a fantastic 8 sport multi-play station that is set up on the school playground and sports field.


After School Clubs

The after school sports programme is a fantastic service for primary schools and provides that important after school care and provision for working mothers, fathers and families. An after school sports programme is also an excellent way of developing key skills for young children and follows on as a support system to curriculum PE lessons and lunchtime sports provision. A combination of lunchtime provision, after school sport and PE lessons fits in very well with a child's education programme, making a more rounded, interesting and positive approach to a child's school experience.


PE and Sports Consultancy for Primary Schools

Does your staff need a coaching programme? Would you like to see your staff improve the level and quality of PE lessons that your school currently offers its pupils. Would you like to improve the sporting skills of both your teachers and children. A-Star coaching provide a sports and PE consultancy service Further details can be obtained via email request to the company.


School Football Teams

Every primary school in England should have a school football team for children in years 5 and 6. Football is the national sport and with the opening of the national football academy this year it is imperative that every primary school supports the grass roots football programme. A-Star can do this for you. Its only a phone call or an email away. The links to junior football clubs, centre of excellence and academy football that A-Star have, make the running of a a school team even more attractive to a school that has a talent identification policy or a gifted and talented scheme.

An example of this is a year a child at a Manchester primary school who had never played football before was seen by Rick Bell at lunchtime. Rick invited the boy through his mother to attend a Saturday morning football centre which Rick himself waived the fee. After 3 months the boy is starting football at Manchester United and Manchester City youth academies. A great opportunity for such a young boy to be given.

If you are interested in the services on offer from A-Star Coaching or would like further information we would be delighted to hear from you, please visit our
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