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About Us

A-Star Coaching was formed in 2009 by Darren and Suzanne Charlesworth. The company recruited Rick Bell to build a small team of sports and football coaches to begin working in Greater Manchester schools. A-Star Coaching are a service provider for high quality multi-sports and football coaching.

A-Star Coaching specialise in working with primary schools and have a team of coaches who are used to working with children from many different backgrounds, races and religions. If you are looking for a sports coaching company that has this knowledge and experience; A-Star Coaching is that company.

The company currently operates in Central Manchester, Trafford, Stockport and Tameside.

A-Star Coaching has a private football coaching division (North West Football) If you are searching for an outstanding football coaching service for your son or daughter then A-Star can provide.

The company has expanded quickly in the last year with 12 schools contracts and a staff of over 30. The company has a new director and general manager and A-Star Coaching provide a unique sports provision package. If you would like to see our new brochure 2017 design then please ask the company to send you a copy. The provision has been running for 16 years in total now and was designed first in Manchester schools by Rick Bell.

For further information or to contact a member of our team please visit our contacts page

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