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Specialist Coaching

Specialist coaching sessions take the learning environment a stage further into high level and challenging training scenarios. Pupils who have been identified as gifted and talented participate in smaller more focused groups with a highly qualified and experienced coach. Matches and tournaments are organised at a very competitive level.

Key Objectives


  • Challenging gifted and talented pupils to fulfil their potential

  • Offering routes into professional clubs and top academies

  • Creating opportunities for pupils to compete at a very high level


Pupil Premium Activities


Pupil premium funded activities take many forms including sports coaching, activity sessions, breakfast and after school clubs. Pupils who are entitled to funding can attend on a one-to-one or team basis. Funding can be used to enable a pupil to access a varied programme unlocking hidden talents and abilities.


Key Objectives


  • Providing opportunities for pupils who are entitled to hardship funding

  • Bridging the gap between resources for sports and activities

  • Enabling schools to allocate funding in an evidence based manner

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Specialist Coaching & Pupil Premium Activities

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