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PE lesson modelling aims to bridge to the gap between the skills of a primary school teacher and that of a sports coach. The main focus is to permanently improve the delivery of PE lessons throughout the school so that each session aligns with the national curriculum and a recognised body in a particular sport.

The coach works in conjunction with the teacher helping to plan, deliver and evaluate the session. The lead role is interchangeable with the PE teacher acting as the primary lead at critical points. The coach instructs the PE teacher on a one-to-one basis to further improve the quality of the lessons.

Services can be extended to include PPA cover whereby the session can be an enhancement or continuation of the sporting activities and lessons already timetabled.

Key Objectives


  • Improving the quality of PE lessons throughout school

  • Developing teachers and coaches skill and knowledge as part of CPD

  • Aligning lessons with the national curriculum and recognised sports qualifications

  • Releasing teachers so that they can effectively utilise PPA time

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PE Lesson Support & PPA Cover

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