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Lunchtime Provision

Rick Bell was one of the very first sports coaches in Stockport to launch lunchtime sports provision with a playground developed in a series of multi-sports work stations. If your school is having problems and issues at lunchtime and the children are bored and frustrated with what they are doing or have been doing for many years then A-Star Coaching have a fantastic 8 sport multi play station that is set up on the school playground and sports field. Sports include:

  • Mini soccer styled football pitches

  • Kwik cricket bowling stations

  • Unihoc pitches

  • Basketball / netball court and basket shooting hoops area

  • Keep the beat skipping programme

  • Short tennis with short tennis nets and rackets

  • Badminton - summer term only

  • Rounders and soft ball - depending on if the school has grass sports fields

Training and team building sessions for LO's and TA's to work with our coaches is included free of charge. A-Star Coaching offer a free trial and introduction session to showcase the lunchtime multi-sports provision and if you are looking to invest, improve and develop your healthy schools policy and the general health and well being of your children then the lunchtime sports provision ticks many boxes.

Lunchtime sports provision can only work when the company that supplies the service have staff that have experience, knowledge and an understanding of what they are doing and why. The service that A-Star provide is designed by their staff. Not copied or replicated and taken from other companies websites. Its a sports provision programme that the company provides which benefits the health, fitness, self confidence, social interaction, self esteem, communication skills, racial integration and development of young children.

Lunchtime sports provision programme is cost effective, a great investment which has evidence that show improvements and development in children's key learning skills.

Providing each and every child with the opportunity of playing and learning about a wide range of sports and sports skills. The playground is transformed into a series of multi-sports work stations for football, basketball, kwik cricket, short tennis, hockey, skipping. The children are encouraged by the sports coaches and existing school lunchtime organisers (LO's) and teaching assistants (TA's) to actively participate in the activities.

Sports are fun based and each activity offers an exciting challenge for children of all ages and abilities. Recognising that some children may wish to have their own space, there would also be an area for quiet time. No pressure is placed on any child to join in the activities; however the coaches provide plenty of positive encouragement explaining the benefits and fun involved by participating.

The lunch time sessions offer an opportunity to channel the children’s energy, as well as provide enjoyment and they can lead to an extremely positive impact on children’s behaviour. In one of our schools, since the introduction of our lunch time provision, they recorded over a 60% reduction in incidents during this period.

If you would like to arrange a free taster session or for more information please visit our contacts page

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